The weather of the country with high heat. As a result, a need to consume drinks to help increased thirst. Whether it's bottled water. Bottlers Fruit juice, etc. Therefore, the growth of the market for soft drinks in Thailand so there are growing continuously. The company has opportunities to grow in the spot making recruitment and research. New drinks that are not in the market to add variety to consumers and make a difference in the world of beverages that are unique to its own concept to consumer.



The company's policies and ideas that will forward goods production and quality to meet consumer health and lifestyle of their own in the future

  • Process development and production standards with modern technology.
  • But the selection of quality ingredients found throughout every step in production.
  • Natural ingredients clean pesticide residues do not enter the compound.
  • Continuous product development to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.
  • Build brand awareness and acceptance of modern market.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility


About us

The company Sugahut Trading Co., Ltd.

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Coconut Milk With MIXED Fruit